Let’s make fashion more sustainable.

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Sustainable Fashion Exchange

Where your pre-loved clothes are the currency

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A fashion revolution

Are you one of millions of women around the world who wants to be more sustainable in your fashion choices but finds it all a bit too, well, difficult? Do you think buying sustainably is more expensive, or shopping second-hand is too time-consuming?

Well, we hear you. And at UNTAGGED we want to change all that. With our app, you can save money, make money AND be more sustainable.

How, we hear you ask?!

UNTAGGED is a new fashion resale platform where your unused clothes are the currency. Apart from postage, no actual money changes hands between the buyer and seller. You upload the item you want to exchange, and we transform it into virtual currency you can then spend on other gorgeous pre-loved items on the site.

And not only that, the carbon offsets you generate from buying second-hand instead of new are converted into rewards.

Did you know that as many as 70% of the items in our wardrobes are not worn?

With the UNTAGGED Sustainable Fashion Exchange, we can keep our wardrobes fresh, whilst being kinder to our wallets, each other, and the planet.

Having completed a positive trial, we’re now getting our platform ready and looking for people to join us in our mission. Sign up now if you’d like to be kept in the loop and join our waiting list.

Sign up now if you’d like to join our waiting list.
Add me to the waiting list

How it works

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Step 1:

Simply upload photos of the items you’re happy to pass on, and receive spending credits for the value of those items.

Step 2:

Then search for something to ‘buy’ with your credits, and contact the seller to arrange delivery.

Step 3:

Each time you exchange an item, you create a carbon offset (buying second-hand is much less damaging to the planet than buying new), which you can then cash in for rewards. So not only do you save money, you can even make money! All whilst saving the planet.

Why it’s important

Fashion is the 2nd most polluting industry after oil. We’re addicted to buying, yet a bin-lorry full of textiles goes to landfill every second.
At UNTAGGED we believe being more sustainable doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. By maximising the usage of the clothes we already own, we can still fulfil our craving for newness, whilst being much less harmful to the planet.

Can exchanging clothes

really make a difference?

The simple answer is yes! The average garment takes 20kg of CO2 to make. If by sharing clothes you buy one less item per month, over the course of the year you and 10 friends will offset the annual carbon emissions of an average family car.
Globally our ambition is to offset the emissions of 500,000 transatlantic flights every year. Now how’s that for doing the right thing for ourselves and the world around us?

Let’s make fashion more sustainable.