Let’s make fashion more sustainable.

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About us

We set up UNTAGGED in 2019 because we knew we had a problem. We were buying too many clothes and so many of them were sitting in our wardrobes barely worn. With lunchtimes and train journeys spent browsing shopping websites, we knew something had to change.

However, we could see that it wasn’t that straight forward to satisfy your fashion habit whilst also being sustainable. Clothing rental options were too expensive, and buying second hand was hit-and-miss. And when it came to buying supposedly sustainable clothes from high street shops, we really didn’t know who to believe.

It became clear to us that there was another way: if we could get everyone to exchange their unworn clothes, we could all access ‘new’ outfits, without actually having to buy anything new. That single-use dress we bought for a wedding last year could go onto to live a rich and interesting life! Not only would it save us money, but we could declutter our wardrobes and help save the planet.

Declutter our wardrobes and help save the planet.