We have designed Untagged to offer something for everyone. That means we accept all kinds of clothing, shoes and accessories, from High Street brands to Vintage to Designer. All we ask is that your items are in good condition and of good quality. If there is minor damage such as a small stain or rip, please make sure you mention this in the item description and include a photo. And please, no underwear on the site! 

All uploads will be checked by the Untagged team before going live on the site, and we reserve the right to reject any items if they do not meet our quality standards. 

The team at Untagged will decide on the number of credits you receive for your item based on the brand, age and condition. 

As many as you like! As long as they meet our quality controls, you can upload all the items you no longer use or wear, and receive credits for them to spend on something else on the site. 

No. Untagged is a Fashion Exchange, so only upload items on the platform that you are happy to swap out. Once you agree an exchange with someone, they get to the keep the item, and you receive credits to spend on something new-to-you.  

That is absolutely fine, it’s great if you have decided you want to give your item another try.  

In these unprecedented times, it is critical that we follow Government advice regarding contact with others. Whilst we remain in lockdown, we should only exchange items by post, not in person.  

It is not known exactly how long Coronavirus can survive on clothing, but any germs will be killed off by washing them on a normal cycle. The UK’s Deputy Chief Medical Advisor stated  “We think the virus actually lasts less time on soft materials such as clothing than it will on hard surfaces but it is fine to change your clothes at the end of the day and pop them in a washing machine. Best not to shake them out before you put them in and you can use a normal cycle.” We therefore advise washing all items you receive before wearing them. 

No problem! Simply upload it to the platform for someone else to ‘buy’, and you will receive your credits back for that item when someone else buys it. 

Please take a photo of any damage and email us at Customer Services explaining the problem, so that we can refund your credits. 

When you see an item you like, you contact the owner through the messaging service on the website. If the owner accepts your request, agree with them how to exchange the item. As the ‘buyer’ it is your responsibility to pay for any postage.  

Untagged is unlike any other clothes-sharing platform in that we use a credits system instead of cash. This means that as long as you have something to exchange, anyone can be part of our sustainable fashion community. 

The number of members is growing every week and if you cannot find something you like at the moment, we encourage you to keep coming back. We’re sure you’ll find a wonderful new item to treasure in the coming weeks. 

It is the buyer’s responsibility to pay for postage. At the moment we cannot accept payments through the website, so we recommend agreeing the postage cost with the seller and transferring payment via PayPal. 

The Royal Mail pricefinder helps you work out your postage cost. We have summarised some options below:




Price 1st class

Price 1st Class Signed For



Large letter





Large letter





Small parcel



You can now buy your postage online with Royal Mail here. Either print out your label or take the QR code on your phone to the post office to minimise your time outside the home.

We do not offer this feature at the moment. We are currently in our trial phase and learning from our members about what they want from the platform. If enough of our members want it, we may look to add this in the future. 

Once you have signed in, click on ‘Your Account’, then on the ‘Settings’ button. You can then amend your email address and password. If you would like to change your profile picture and description, click on ‘Edit your profile’.

If you would like to close your account, you can do this by clicking on ‘Your Account’, then on the ‘Settings’ button. There you will find a ‘Close my account’ button.

Once you have signed in, click on ‘Your Account’, then on ‘Dashboard’. On the left hand side, click on ‘My Items’ then find the item you would like to remove. You will see a dropdown menu next to the item. Change the setting from ‘Live’ to ‘Delete’. If you would just like to pause the item for a while and not completely delete it, you can change the setting to ‘Draft’.

The team at UNTAGGED will assign a credit value to your item based on the brand, age and condition. One credit is approximately equal to £1. If you don’t agree with the value assigned to your item, or would like to reduce it for a quick exchange, please use the CONTACT US button to explain the situation.

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